This Application lets you Create a WiFi Hotspot on your computer.
You will need to have WiFi Adapter installed in your computer. And also Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter Driver installed on your system.
To check whether you have this or not:
  1. Open Network and Sharing Centre
  2. In the Left Sidebar click "Change adapter settings"(or simply type in explorer addressbar "Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections")
  3. you will see a number connections.
  4. If you see something similar with the lastline containing "Virtual WiFi Miniport" means you have it installed.

See the Blue marked adapter
  • Instructions:
    1. Extract the Contents of 7z/Zip file.
    2. Run "TinyWiFiHost*.exe"

  1. Put in the SSID and password you wish to use. And press Start.
  2. You can hide the window to tray by minimizing it. To Show the window again double click the Tray Icon
  3. Red tray icon means the hosted network is not started while a green means it is started.
  4. You can Control the application from the tray icon itself.Right Click on it and a menu will be shown. It will Contain a Start or Stop option depending upon the state of HostedNetwork. A Config menu containing two textboxes for SSiD and Password respectively. The menu also contains an Exit option. Which closes the application as well as stops the HostedNetwork.
  5. To friendly name for a device: select it in connected devices and double click and enter name.

Command line Arguments:
  • "autostart" no need to press Start after the Application runs. it will hide automatically.
  • "ssid=HyperioN" sets SSID to HyperioN
  • "pass=password" sets password to password.
  • "warn=3" plays warn.wav whenever no of connected devices crosses 3. default is 100

Here D-Vois is shared over Wireless Network Connection 3

  • Changing or removing Connect and disconnect sounds
    • In the Installation Folder.there are three audio files "connect.wav", "disconnect.wav" and "warn.wav".
    • replace them with .wav files to change sound or rename/delete them to remove sound.

For Manually Sharing Internet connection please refer to
Note:Share to the connection with "Wireless network connection x" where x denotes the connection with Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter driver.

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